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Maternity Sessions

Pregnancy is a very personal and intimate experience. My goal is to ensure you are most comfortable in your own skin and bring out the best in you to capture those memorable images as keepsakes.

The best piece of advice I can give you on how to prepare for your maternity session is to just relax. This is an enjoyable experience where you can capture the wonder and excitement of your pregnancy. The best time to photograph is between 32 to 36 weeks into the pregnancy.

Photography Services Çankaya
Photography Services

Birth Sessions

A day of excitement and intense emotions… Just relax and let me ensure you will have long lasting memories from the most important day of your life when you meet your precious one. I will be by your side from the moment you step into the hospital, clicking away with my camera the whole time. Not a single detail will be missed!

Newborn Sessions

Your Newborn session is a very special milestone and I want to help you capture this fleeting moment. Newborn sessions are designed for babies 14 days old and younger. Actually the best days to photograph your little one is from day 5-10.

Most newborn sessions take place within my cozy studio located in G.O.P., Ankara. Here, you will have access to my selection of props. This cozy studio session also ensures that we have the perfect lighting and setting for a sleepy and happy baby.

Photography Services Ankara
Photography Services New Born

Milestone Sessions

Milestone sessions are perfect for documenting your little one’s milestones within the first year — like tummy time, smiles, giggles, toe grabbing, sitting and standing. I want to capture these fleeting moments so that you can cherish them long after they’re gone.

These sessions are typically for babies between 3 and 12 months old, however it is not necessary to schedule right on the 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. However feel free to schedule whenever you feel like you want to capture your baby’s progress. Every baby is different and that is what makes them special.

One Year in the Life of… Sessions

With this session, you will have me at your service for more than a year to document and capture the first year of your baby’s journey. I will be there, alongside of you, to immortalize the important milestones of your baby’s life, starting from day one.

With this promotion, you will get the newborn portraits, plus a session each month to show the progress of your baby’s growth. Sitters and Cake Smash sessions are also included in this promotion.

Photography Services New Born Concept
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