What do I feel when I’m taking photographs of the precious little ones? Warmth? Passion? Love? All? I feel like I’m living my dream life, doing the thing that soothes my soul. As a result, the ease of knowing what to do comes with a prize in the form of cute smiles, little toes and fingers, and beautiful memories.

That day when we are in the studio together, won’t be about poses and a few frames. We’re going to share time that will last forever in our memories and the vivid colors of once in a life time frames. I will be a part of your life as you’ll be a part of mine. We’ll reach into the past through emotions someday and remember each other as family.

About Elif Doğan Photography Ankara

My passion began 27 years ago and my journey as a professional photographer 8 years. Starting out as an analogue photographer, I set up my dark room and first studio in 2004.  My love for photographing people naturally progressed into portrait photography. I eventually found my way into the specialty of newborn and baby photography several years ago, when I attended my nephew’s birth and came face to face with the intense emotions and the miracle of life. Realizing how natural everything felt, I knew I was on the right path. Since then, I have been investing the entirety of my free time in learning and developing my skills as a photographer, by participating in a variety of photography courses.

I may not be a parent, but I am a baby whisperer by nature, and I can deeply understand the tenderness of new parenthood as well as the feelings a new baby elicits. This discernment is what gives me the confidence to act smoothly around them. My relaxed and sympathetic manner with newborns makes for a simpler, serene photo session.

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