About Elif Doğan Çankaya

My passion began 27 years ago and my journey as a professional photographer 8 years.

Starting out as an analogue photographer, I set up my dark room and first studio in 2004.  My love for photographing people naturally progressed into portrait photography. I eventually found my way into the specialty of newborn and baby photography several years ago, when I attended my nephew’s birth and came face to face with the intense emotions and the miracle of life. Realizing how natural everything felt, I knew I was on the right path. Since then, I have been investing the entirety of my free time in learning and developing my skills as a photographer, by participating in a variety of photography courses.

I may not be a parent, but I am a baby whisperer by nature, and I can deeply understand the tenderness of new parenthood as well as the feelings a new baby elicits. This discernment is what gives me the confidence to act smoothly around them. My relaxed and sympathetic manner with newborns makes for a simpler, serene photo session.

Even after years they were taken, newborn baby pictures emanate tremendous emotional power. They remind us of the delicacy of human life and our common beginnings. And as time progresses, they represent the creation and measure of growth of these precious ones we love so much.

Knowing that I am there and witnessing when these precious ones take their first breath, as they adjust into their new environment and are evolving into their own person, makes me feel appreciative. Capturing these unique moments lets me preserve  memories that last a lifetime and help contribute to the legacy of my clients’ lives.

Looking forward to crafting memorable and elegant images for you and your loved ones.

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About Dreamcatcher Studio

Established in 2021, it is a sanctuary where creativity floats. This is where the magic happens! Every corner is meticulously designed for you and your baby’s comfort in this 60m2 studio.

Here, you will find a display of all the props and outfits which I will use during our sessions, as well as a very comfortable couch. Feel free to take the opportunity to catch up on your sleep during the session.

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Elif Doğan is a member of Ankara Chamber of Photographers and Craftsmen

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